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Infrastructure Management

Rather than only reacting to problems that people have with their technology like IT companies do, we prefer to work with people to create technological systems that not only fit their business goals, but just work.

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IT Project Management

We’ve helped our clients with projects ranging from network upgrades to developing new checkout systems. Whether you just need some advice or you require someone with outside expertise to drive the project, you can count on us.

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Automated IT Maintenance

Our completely automated maintenance system is like an autopilot for your computer network. We set it up, turn it on and … that’s it! The automated maintenance system takes care of everything in the background to keep your network in business mode, and keep it out of crash mode.

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24/7 Infrastructure Monitoring

If you take care of network issues while they’re still just issues, they never have the chance to become catastrophes. Our monitoring system will alert you to issues when they’re still small enough to identify and fix quickly.

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Enterprise Internet

Saving thousands of dollars per year on internet costs while still maintaining a high quality internet connection is a lot easier than most businesses realize. We can help you do just that!

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Voice over IP

Switching from landline telephones to a Voice Over IP system (aka using the internet as a telephone) can save your business approximately a ton of money. We’ve helped hundreds of businesses migrate their phones from landlines to VOIP systems and they’ve all seen vast improvements because of the switch. How much will it improve your business? Let’s find out.